Application Online Tips to Get Hired Quickly – Part 1

Job Application Online Tips | Part 1 | Gilbertmgaul.comFilling out and submitting an application online for any type of company can either be your best chance at success or it can render your attempts to find a job useless if you don’t have a few of today’s employment-finding tricks up your sleeve.

Many companies today, although they spend money on advertising open positions for their companies on the Internet through job search engines, expect potential employees to do some of the follow up work on their own instead of relying on a call-back from their human resources company. In other words, what they are saying is, “Don’t expect to fill out an employment application online and expect to have an interview fall into your lap!”

Once you fill out an application the first thing you have to completely erase from your mindset of how to pursue your prospective job is the word “passive” and replace it with the phrase “cautiously aggressive”. Don’t expect the company to call you back after submitting your information over the Web; instead, take a winning approach instead of just sitting back and waiting for something to happen. This means you should do everything in your power to follow up your job application online by dressing up in clean, ironed and neat clothing and visiting the employer in person.

You also want to show you are ready to pursue landing your job by making it happen without appearing desperate and without being a burden on the company by calling or contacting incessantly.  There is a difference between showing up to the place of employment once a week as opposed to calling every 3 days acting as if it’s the last job on the planet!

Once you are there it’s your time to make the greatest first impression possible and the only way you can do that is to be your friendly, approachable, personable self to everyone you meet. Introduce yourself respectfully and politely to whomever you come into contact with first, and ask to see the manager of the company or someone in human resources.

The whole idea at this point is to establish yourself who is taking getting hired seriously but as one who is comfortable and relaxed enough to show friendliness and a sense of humor.

If your approach is positive and well-received, you will probably have no problem getting someone in charge to entertain your reason for being there, and your application online will stand a great chance at being successful!