Application Online Tips to Get Hired Quickly – Part 2

Job Application Online Tips | Part 2 | Gilbertmgaul.comIn our last installment we talked about how to fill out an application online for your desired company and how you should never just sit on the fact that you have applied; you have to follow up on it to have the best chance at finding a job quickly.

Once you make a good first impression in person with a person who is hopefully in charge of hiring personnel, it’s time to show them how friendly and personable you are. If there is no one available to suit your needs, politely leave a card with your name, phone number, and email address, and leave a short written message on it saying, “I’m interested in a position with your company.”

Assuming you made a connection on the spot, it’s time to let the person know you are serious about landing a position with them by saying it in a nice way. A good thing to say would be something like, “I’d love to be considered for the job opening you advertised because I feel my qualifications fit the job description perfectly.” A line like that would pique their interest but you had better be prepared now to tell them exactly what your qualifications are and how they fit the criteria for the position open!

You could then follow their lead and let them show you around and/or discuss the position with you and instead of filling out an application online, your objective would be to fill out an app in person right there on the spot; this means you should come prepared with all the information you need such as 3 personal references, your complete employment history, etc.

After you are done speaking with a representative of the company, regardless of how long or brief the contact lasted, It’s time to shake their hand, thank them sincerely for their time, and ask them if you can fill out an application right there on the spot.

If they decline, let them know you intend to fill out a job application form online on the same day from the comfort of your computer, and that you will be following up on it in a few days. This will let them in on how important it is to you, how you plan to contact and ask them about it within a reasonable amount of time, and that there is a sense of urgency on your part to be taken seriously.

Either way, the whole point is to let them know you won’t just simply submit an app and wait by the phone, but that you will follow up on your submission in person.

In the meantime, you should continue your job search online and continue making systematic plans to visit other potential employers while using the same strategy.

In today’s world submitting an application online is simply not enough to get your foot in the door. You have to create some type of bridge or connection between you and the employer in order to be taken seriously. That’s why it’s important to get out there and meet the people who are doing the hiring.