Few Questions That may Help You to Choose Your Career Wisely

Choose Your Career Wisely | Few Questions That Help You | Gilbertmgaul.comAs we all know of it, choosing career is pretty frustrating, confusing, complicated and for some the worst depressing experience. There is a lot of pressure to follow your dreams, passion and get successful and well settled by just a mere age of 25. Career planning is undoubtedly stressful.
But actually, career planning is not some rocket science and is just simple planning and logic. It is just that you are looking for a job that basically fits your needs, passion and interests. Below are some questions that might help you choose a career, but the most important is do you know yourself enough, are u that mature enough to take your life decisions yourself? You must be clear enough to yourself first. Let’s move to the questions:

1. Getting into this career will allow me to follow my passion?

This can be a little complicating question. The thing is you don’t have to follow your passion to achieve a successful career. The thing matters is you shouldn’t hate your job either.

2. Why am I choosing this career? For pleasing some one?

If the answer is “May Be” or “Yes”, you need to review and reconsider your priorities. Friends and family can give you good advices, but it is difficult to live your life happily when your life is dedicated to some other person or dictated by somebody else’s expectations.

3. Do I have what it needs?

A good career is that matches with your work style, are you a person who does well on high intensity hustle or a dilly-dallier who does well in pressure and structured work environment. Take a moment, be honest with yourself and choose your career that pleases your workstyle.

4. Can I be successful in this career?

If you are a dedicated person and have enough will power, you can learn anything. But however picking a career that plays to your natural skills and talents can make life pretty pleasant.

5. The money that I make out of it will be enough and what I expect from me?

Well money is not the most important factor, but there is no questioning that It cannot be overlooked. You should always take a reality check that the money you earn is enough for you to maintain your current lifestyle. It’s good if you look at it by long-term means.

6. Can this career can be a lifetime business in your future life?

This question is the most important. For example, think it as a sportsperson like an athlete, you are not going to run all your life and win, there is going to be a breaking point. What am I gonna do after this phase of my life is over? But suppose you are a computer expert, you can think of the current job as a mean of experience thing so that you can make a new company and advance in the same field for whole of your life.

7. Do I have the strength to fight if the career is too competitive?

You shouldn’t overlook this question. What if you are joining a career that has a lot of competition, are you capable enough to keep up with the pace as changes in any field are inevitable, give it a thought.

8. Do I have a backup plan?

What if your company or employer seems to be taking a plunge? You should always keep backup and escape plans. What if I fail and don’t want to change my career prospective?
Answers to these questions will give you a little bit of self-confidence, even dis-encouraging at times, but as I said earlier, you should be clear enough to yourself.