Second Interview Tips And Suggestions

Congratulations! You have managed to make a good impression on your prospective employer during the first interview and now you have been given the chance to attend a second selection. How is this going to be different from the first interview?

This time you will get to spend a lot more time in the company, talking to more people, individually or in a group session and you will be carefully watched by the company’s recruiters. They want to know how you react, what kind of personality you have etc.

The employer’s point of view

From the employer’s perspective, the second interview is a good occasion to evaluate the candidates’ aptitudes, behavior and interpersonal qualities.
What the employer wants to see is whether your skills and qualities fit the requirements of the position you have applied for.

The majority of employers would rather have a group second interview, in order to better see which one of the candidates is more likely to occupy the available position. In this case, take into account that you might be in the same room with your competitors, so enhance your skills and abilities, as well as your past achievements in order to stand out of the crowd.

The people you meet

During the first interview, you have probably met one, two or three persons from the company. This time, be aware that you are going to meet a lot more people during the same day – managers, department co-workers or other employers of the company.

There is a great possibility that you meet many persons who will ask you the same questions as well. You should not offer the very same answer to each of them, in order not to appear theatrical. They will meet at the end of the interviewing process and share thoughts about the candidates. If you have the possibility, find out the names of the persons you meet and some things about each of them, in order to have things in common in a possible conversation.

Second Interview Tips | Gilbertmgaul.comAfter the second interview

It doesn’t happen very often to get a specific offer on the job right after the second interview. But should you be in such a situation, don’t jump into making a final decision and ask for a couple of days to analyze the offer.

If you didn’t get an offer after the second interview, send a short thank you letter or e-mail to every person you have met and talked to from within the company. Some companies make a decision during a couple of days after all interviews are finished, but the selection of the right candidate could take, in some cases, a couple of weeks. So be patient, flexible and be ready for an offer or even an invitation for a third interview!